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How to Increase Barakah

Dr. Basim Hameed explains the topic of Barakah and gives advice on how we can all increase it in our lives. Khutba given on 1/21/22 in Masjid El-Farouq.

The Power of Words

Beautiful Khutba by Dr. Musab Naser on the power of our words and how they can change lives. Khutba given 1/14/22 in Masjid El-Farouq

Khushoo / Concentration in Prayer  Download
Lessons from the California Wildfires

Shaikh Hafiz Abdul Waheed explains short stories from the Quran regarding the punishment of the fire. Khutba given in ISGH Masjid Abu Bakr on 12/22/17.

Be Steadfast throughout the Year  Download

History of 2 Masajid in Houston Texas

Khutba by Shaikh Hafiz Abdul Waheed given on 6/28/19 in Masjid Mohammadi regarding the history of 2 of the oldest Masajid/Mosques in Houston and the stalled construction of their new Masjid. Everyone is requested to chip in, spread the word and help build this neglected Masjid in the southwest side of Houston. This will be a loan to Allah which He has promised to pay back.

Download PDF: Masjid Construction flyer
Masjid Address: 11830 Corona Ln, Houston, Texas 77072,
Phone: 281-498-6666 / Cell: 713-876-5096
Masjid Website:

Practical Purification Issues for Muslims

English Khutba regarding practical purification issues/masail that Muslims face in their daily life. A must listen for every adult Muslim. Khutba given by Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Waheed in ISGH Masjid Bilal (North Zone, Houston, TX) on November 17, 2017.

3 verses covered: “Allah does not burden anyone beyond his capacity. Keep your duty to Allah and fear him as much as you can. Allah wants for you ease and doesn’t intend difficulty.”

Download Audio Mp3 to listen on the go: Practical Purification Issues for Muslims